Author Topic: 我应该先学哪门课?Which course should I start?  (Read 15319 times)

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我应该先学哪门课?Which course should I start?
« on: April 26, 2013, 05:21:02 PM »
有关课程选择的问题,请先参阅视频:硅谷专家美国老土博士和学生回答世界各地朋友的问题  (当时发言的多位同学,经过学习后,如今都已找到好工作。)

大部分成功转行的学生们,都是学的: Core Package 和 MSBI2012 Part 1, Part 2.

You can find course content and preview from:

We suggest you start from SQL Server SQL course.
You can register any time you like.
After register going through, you and we will get a receipt from credit card company or from Paypal.
We will set you course web page for you, and send a welcome email to you tell you what to do step by step.
You can start your study immediately by watch previous class video, and get class documents.
Then, later, when the same online live class open, you can come join it for FREE. Details please read our policy.

(You do not need purchase software, do not need install software before register the course.)

1) You can also start from SQL Server SQL  course (20 hours). This is a good start course for a Database Analyst job. This course do NOT require Access 2013. After study this course, Access course will be easier.  You can start from this course. Don't miss the online class when you see it is scheduled.
This course also setup the foundation for MSBI class. You can start MSBI class after take first 9 chapter of this SQL Server SQL class.

2) You can start from Access Excel & VBA 2013 (24 hour)  if you think you know nothing about database. Many database concepts were introduced in this class. Access 比 SQL Server 更直观一些.However, the last two chapters of this course are not easy. Don't be surprised.

3) You can also start from Oracle SQL course (20 hours). This course is a little bit harder than above two, it is still a good start course for a database analyst job. After take this course, Access course is easier. Don't be afraid to take the online class when you see it is scheduled, you will be OK.

4) SAP Crystal Reports  class (18 hours). This class teach how to develop reports use Crystal Reports. You can start from this class no problem.  SAP Crystal Reports is widely used everywhere. Many jobs need people know Crystal Reports and SSRS.  Don't be afraid to take the online class when you see it is scheduled, you will be OK.

These four courses  will give you enough skills to find a good job as a Database Analyst or a Database Reporting Engineer.

The content of above four courses are strongly recommended by success students, they suggested package these four course together, give name as Core Package.

Continue on Database Analyst track:

5) Misrosoft Business Intelligence (MSBI 2012 ) (Data Warehouse, SSIS, ETL, SSAS,SSRS, etc)

Most success students take Core Package plus MSBI 2012 course. MSBI  skills are highly  demanded on market everywhere.

Watch this video if you have time: (All my BI students gained these skills in class. We use SQL Server 2012, excel 2010.)
Please click here: Business Intelligence (BI) Demonstration

没想到吧! 法院也打他(Data),法院也必爱(BI),法院也按那雷死他(Analyst)!


Core Package + MSBI are the courses most success students have taken.

If you want to gain skills of big data hadoop, you may take:
-- Hadoop big data analyst;

If you want to gain more deep skills about database programming, you may take:
-- SQL Server T-SQL programming;
-- Oracle PL/SQL programming;

If you want to advance yourself towards a  SQL Server DBA, you may take:
-- SQL Server DBA

If you want to find a Orace DBA job, you may take:
-- Oracle 11g DBA;
-- Unix Shell Programming