Author Topic: 专家讲授 Python for Data Analysis 第3期, Tue, Thur, 30 hours, Feb, March 2018  (Read 840 times)

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Python for Data Analysis Term1,2 课程开出后,广受上课同学好评。我们将在2月份开出Term3 课程:

专家讲授 Python for Data Analysis第3期    18:00-20:30 Tue, Thur, 16:00-19:00 Sat, 02/20 to 03/15/18

Part I: Python fundamental
1.Lists and Tuples
2.working with strings
3.dictionaries:when indexes won't Do
4.conditions, loops and some other statements
8.magic methods, properties, and iterators
9.files and stuff
10.Database Support

Part II: Python for Data analysis
1.NumPy Basics: Arrays and Vectorized Computation
2.Getting Started with pandas
3.Data Loading, Storage, and File Formats
4.Data Wrangling: Clean, Transform, Merge, Reshape
5.Plotting and Visualization
6.Data Aggregation and Group Operations
7.Case Study
7.1 Analyzing the No-Show
7.2 House Prices - Data Exploration and Visualisation
7.3 Homicide Reports, 1980-2014
7.4 Global Terrorism Trends
7.5 Titanic Data Science Solutions
7.6 H-1B Visa Petitions 2011-2016
7.7 Person of the Year, 1927-Present
7.8 Emergency - 911 Calls
7.9 Presidential Inaugural Addresses US president name, date, and speech text
7.10Amazon Reviews  Unlocked Mobile Phones

Part III:Machine Learning
1.How Models Work
2.Starting Your ML Project
3.Selecting and Filtering in Pandas
4.Your First Scikit-Learn Model
5.Model Validation
6.Underfitting, Overfitting and Model Optimization
7.Random Forests
8.Submitting From A Kernel
9.Handling Missing Values
10.Using Categorical Data with One Hot Encoding
11.Learning to Use XGBoost
12.Partial Dependence Plots
13.Scikit-Learn Pipelines
15.Data Leakage

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Is it too late to register this course?  :)