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MSBI2012 SSAS SSRS  第11期
8:00am to 12:00 Noon (USA PST)  Sat 07/15/17 to 09/02/17

7/15/2017    Lina (SSAS)
7/22/2017   Lina  (SSAS)
7/29/2017  Catherine
8/05/2017  Catherine
8/12/2017  Catherine
8/19/2017  Catherine
8/26/2017  Melody
9/02/2017 Catherine


Lina SSAS Class one (4 Hours):
0. SSAS Database Overview
1. Create the Data Source  connection and the data view
2. Create a cube by using the cube wizard
3. Create cube dimensions
4. Format settings in the cube editor
5. Add measures and dimensions

Lina SSAS  Class two(4 Hours):
6.1. Cube calculation and KPIs
6.2 MDX language
7. Data Mining
8. SSAS Reporting – Real Industry Experiences
9. SSAS Processing- Real Industry Experiences
10. SSAS Migration- Real Industry Experiences

Catherine SSRS First Class (4 Hours):
Original labs and demos
Lab1 Employee report(Table report)
Lab2 Product Report(Using Wizard)
Lab3 Sales by Region(Matrix Report using OLAP)
Lab4 Parameter Report
Lab5 Sales By Geography(use MDX Query Designer and pulling data from Cube)
Lab6 Dashboard
Cascading parameters report
Formatting grouping report
Dynamic columns report
Building report with custom code and page break control
building report contains looked up value field
building report template

Catherine SSRS Second Class(4 Hours)
(SSRS real industry experiences)
Part 1. SSRS passing multi valued parameter to Stored Procedure
Part 2. SQL query tip
Date range
Use parameter to control filter
Part 3. Sample report
Start from business Report design
Production report – use list to create free form report, control visibility, format group, add row number
Open AR report – Use case when to age invoices, conditional shading, interactive sorting
Part 4. Deploy report to different environment (Configuration manager)
Part 5. Report performance – report and shared dataset caching

Coming soon…..

How to configure the report server
Deployment and Manage Reports
Access, Deliver, and Monitor Report
Data-driven subscription
In this lesson, you use the data-driven subscription pages to connect to a subscription data source, build a query that retrieves subscription data, and map the result set to report and delivery options.

Melody  SSRS  (4 Hours):
Industry reporting life cycle
Data validation process in report development
Health Care Industry Sample Reports (Detail, Matrix, Charts)
Using SSRS expression to diagnose business challenges
MDX report from SSAS Cube

Catherine  SSRS  (4 Hours):
(SSRS real industry experiences)
Three new SSRS report in real work
Example of SSRS List report;
Grouping in SSRS Matrix report.
Some daily using SSRS expressions and tips

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Re: MSBI SSAS SSRS 第11期 08:00-12:00 Sat 07/15/17 to 09/02/17
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Class web page is setup:
Student can register the class webinar.