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See your business in a whole new light with
SAP Crystal Reports

Design and deliver meaningful business reports based on data from virtually any source – with SAP Crystal Reports. These easy-to-use BI and reporting tools can help you create a clear picture of your business and give colleagues, customers, and partners the information they need in the format of their choice. Integrate with well-known solutions to add data visualizations, dashboards, and more.

Why SAP Crystal Reports?

Because it is the de facto standard in business intelligence reporting. Companies around the world rely on SAP Crystal Reports to help them create richly formatted, interactive business reports from virtually any data source – delivered in dozens of formats, in up to 24 languages.

  • Leverage powerful reporting tools to deliver key insights and a clear picture of the business to decision makers
  • Get broad connectivity to diverse data sources to create real-time operational reports
  • Make actionable information available online or offline – from applications, portals, and mobile devices
  • Use flexible, customizable report design to give customers and partners the reporting formats of their choice

SAP Crystal Reports expert Dr. Joe 讲授 Crystal Reports 2011/13 第九期 Online live class Tue and Thur 04/18/17 to 05/11/17
18:30 to 20:30 Tuesday/Thursday  (USA PST)

Core Package 2013 class:

Crystal Reports industry expert Dr. Joe teaches Crystal Reports 2011/13.

After register, student can access to previous class video immediately, and join the online live class. This online live class will be recorded, you will be able to access these recorded class video too.

Access class web page:
Online class connection information is inside class web page. After register online webinar, waiting for approval.

Lesson0 : Course Review

Lesson1: Introduce to CR2011

Lesson2: Create simple CR report (connection and formatting )

Lesson3: Use Sorting and Grouping

Lesson4: Use Powerful  Formatting and Report Wizard

Lesson5: Use Formula

Lesson6: Use Parameter

Lesson7: Create Chart, Cross-tab Report and Drill Down Report

Lesson8: Advanced CR Features (Sub Rpt, Running Total,     Variable, CR Development Life Cycle …)