Author Topic: Several questions about Coming SQL Server 2014 class  (Read 6152 times)

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Several questions about Coming SQL Server 2014 class
« on: July 07, 2016, 11:37:07 PM »
Hi I'm thinking of taking your course:
Core package 2013 ( 4 course, 4 services)
Msbi2012-1 ssis
Msbi2012-2 sass ssrs

I have some questions below.

1. What are the 4 services?
-- Resume template;
-- Remote server connection and usage;
-- Job & Career Counselling webinar every Monday and Wednesday night;
-- Student internal forum:
   * to asking and answering your questions;
   * tips for Preparing phone interview, on-site interview, job interview questions;
   * help each other for job searching and reference check.

2. How is the course structured? How many projects and will we get individual projects to help us understand the concept more?
-- Yes, many projects.
-- Class preview:

3. Are there tests and exam to make sure we understand the concept? How do you enforce that we are learning the concepts correctly and effectively?
-- Yes, there are many tests and exam on class forum;
-- Yes, many projects, you will know you are doing correct or not;

4. What's the minimum pC requirement? What memory and disk space size to get? Windows version?

5. Will there be a course outline that tell us which classes or how many class to take to satisfy the course requirements? Example for SqL server, will there be a list of classes a,b,c etc that one should take to satisfy completing the course requirement.
-- Class content of SQL Server 2012:
-- Start from SQL Server 2014 class, you will be happy.
-- This is a class successfully brought many students into Database Analysis field, you will know.

6. Which software will be given to us ? Will all the course software be given and which ones we need to buy if any?
-- You do not need buy software for class study.
-- You will learn in the class.

7. Will you give us a receipt and the tax Id so we can keep a record for tax purposes?
-- Yes, formal receipt will be given to every student after payment is going through. Just like you do shopping in any big store.

-- Please fell free call us at 408-707-3887 if you have more questions.