Author Topic: 我相信上了你们的培训课后技术上做好工作没问题. 但很多职位都要求的学位, 我能找这样的工作吗?  (Read 6012 times)

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Hi Laotu,
I believe through your training course I can learn a lot of knowledge of database skills and can use it in the actual application.    Now what my concern is :
I notice that many job postings  mentioned they want to hire somebody with degree in this area or several years of working experience.    Even if I can do the database job after your training, but I have no degree or working experience.  Do you think they will hire me?   How do you solve this problem?    (The number of entry level jobs is very limited. )
Thanks for your advice.
Thanks for your email.
This kind of Database Analyst job  actually do not have to have a Computer Science degree.
First, we are hiring managers in this field, we knew it better than anybody else.
Second, we have helped so many people 成功转行,拿到高薪数据分析师工作,这些学生们都没有这方面的学位. Please watch these videos, hear how the other students 成功转行在美国或其它国家拿到好工作:


Feel free call us at 408.707.3887 if you have any more questions.