Author Topic: Questions about Software, class, and how to ask questions  (Read 4022 times)

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Questions about Software, class, and how to ask questions
« on: December 06, 2015, 08:35:16 PM »


-- We will teach students how to install database software on their machine.
-- Please read this link about the requirement for a computer:

-- Our MSBI2012 class is designed for student like you.
-- You should start from Core Package class, then MSBI.
-- SQL Server 2014 class, which is the best entry class for Core Package 2013 class,  will start on Dec 19, a perfect timing for you to start.


-- Yes. We have class 论坛 forum for each class, student can publish their questions any time they like.
Just same as you have questions now, we are answering you on forum.
-- Class forums are internal for registered students only.
-- Student share their project and interview questions and answers on class forum.