Author Topic: People with busy schedule how to study the class  (Read 6769 times)

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People with busy schedule how to study the class
« on: August 04, 2015, 10:35:00 AM »
I just set up my forum account online a week ago.
-- Thanks for register trial class.

Is it possible I can change my forum username?
-- You do not need change your forum username.
-- Student will only see your display name.
-- Please let us know what display name you want, we will change it for you.

I'm interested in signing up the Core 2013. I have a full time job currently. Timing may be one of my biggest concerns. I want to know how heavy the course are, such as how long a live class is and how many live classes in a week. What if I miss one or more classes?
-- Usually the life online class is in Tue, Thr night.
-- Sometime also in Saturday.
-- We record every online classes.
-- Therefore, student do not need join online class at all.
-- Student can always watch class video whenever they have a time.
-- There is nothing to worry about.

Life classes will be ideal because students can interact with the teacher, I think.
-- Actually not really.
-- The majority of the time is on listening teacher's talk in online class.
-- Even you didn't ask a question, you will see other students has asked the same question as you have in the class video.

But I'm glad to know the backup video is always available.
More questions:
1. How long is usually a online class, 1 hour or 2 hours or even longer?
-- 2 hour to 4 hours.

2. If I watch class video and have questions for the teacher, how do I reach out the teacher?
-- There is a class forum for each class.
-- Forum is the place student can post questions and communicate 24x7.

3. How long the classes available to me after my signing up?
-- Student download class documents and keep them forever in their computer.
-- Student can access class video one-year from their registration date.
-- Student can get another one-year to access their old class video from the date they registered MSBI or T-SQL or Hadoop classes.