Author Topic: I would like to take more advanced classes to make improvement  (Read 5808 times)

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laotu laoshi,
I was one of your students, xxxxxx, in 2013, and found a job after taking the MSBI and sql server. I am now working as a reporing developer in a healthcare organization and very happy working here.
I would like to take more advanced classes to make improvement, like SQL Server 2012 T-SQL Programming  and   SQL Server 2012 DBA package.  where can I find the introduction of these two classes? and is  it you teaching the two classes? shall we still can download the class video as before after registration?  it seems that these classes has not been opened for loong time.
I do appreciate your reply .

-----  Answer --------
Very nice hear from you.
Congratulation for the nice job!
You can find class content in this web page:

T-SQL is taught by Mr. Chris, very knowledgeable, student like this class a lot.
Dr. Laotu  taught SQL Server 2008 DBA, another teacher Mr. Lin taught 2012 DBA, all very good content taught by real experienced DBAs, you will like it.

Class video is acceable through internet, not need download.
Let us know if you have any more questions.