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Re: 选择课程
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Very nice to know 你的专业是法律.
在 USA LaoTu 这个平台, 文科转行的同学们做的尤其的好.
文科转行的成功之路: Core Package 2013 + MSBI2012
绝大部分很快成功转行的文科学生们,都是学的: Core Package 2013 + MSBI2012.
Most student finished their study between 6 month to one year.
You can do the same.
You can use a Mac to watch class video.
Eventually you need a Windows system to install Database and to practice.
We will teach how to install class software in our class, therefore, student do not need buy software before class start.
After register class, 啥软件都不用急着装, 先看课程视频. After watching class video, you will know everything easily.

今天注册, 今天就可以开始从家里在一年内通过网络无限次看上次讲课的实况录像, 立刻开始自己的学习. 等下期(注册之日后的第一期)同样的课程再开班, 学生可以免费从头听全该期课. 并可以在一年内无限次看该期课的实况录像.

Core Package 2013  包括四门课, 和四项服务:
Pay a one-time price of $2999 for a one year access to the following Eight items:
Click here: 注册核心课.

1) Microsoft Access 2007 recorded training course & materials (共约16小时) ;
2) Microsoft SQL Server 2012 recorded training course & materials ( 共约20小时);
3) Oracle SQL & MySQL recorded training course & materials (共约20小时);
4) SAP Crystal Reports 2011 recorded training course & materials  ( 共约16小时);

5) Sample workable resume template;
6) Individual question response through student forum: Q & A and experiences sharing on course learning and job hunting (ongoing access - one year time limit does not apply);
7) Join Career Counseling Webinar for FREE (每周三晚的专业求职辅导会,主要内容为业界经验分享, 面试技巧讨论,常见面试问题以及成功经验介绍等);
8) Remote Database Server access 从你家里连接我们数据中心的数据库,模拟公司上班环境.

Microsoft Business Intelligence 2012 (MSBI2012) 课包括:
1) MSBI  SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS)  ETL
2) MSBI  SQL Server Analytical Service (SSAS), SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS)