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Content of Perl Database and CGI Programming
« on: December 02, 2013, 08:06:27 AM »
Perl Database & CGI Programming, a recorded video only course.

Perl is the "Swiss Army Knife" in IT  field.

Perl is widely used in large and small companies for Data Analyzing, Data Processing, System Management, Database Management, Network Management and Internet/Intranet Web development. As a open source language, Perl has been widely used on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Unix.

As one of the top database DBA/Architect in Silicon Valley, Dr. Laotu has been using Perl on data processing, database management, system management and Internet/Intranet web development.

This class will teach you Perl skills with following content:

-- Install Perl and Apache into your PC

-- Install Perl DBI Oracle and MySQL module into your PC

-- Install MySQL database into your PC

-- Perl Programming fundamentals

-- Perl DBI: query data from Oracle and MySQL database

-- Perl DBI: change data in Oracle and MySQL database

-- Perl DBI: load data from excel sheet or flat file into Oracle and MySQL database

-- Perl DBI: do  data analysis, generate report with Oracle and MySQL database

-- Introduction to HTML and Apache Web Server

-- Perl CGI: HTML Form and Perl CGI programming

-- Perl DBI & CGI: a web site application which user can search and update data in Oracle and MySQL database

-- Perl DBI & CGI: a web application which can access remote database of Oracle and MySQL

-- Perl Example of adding Username/Password to pretect your web site

-- Use Perl DBI to run End of Month Report with multi millions rows in Oracle database tables

After this class, you will add lots of useful skills on your resume and it will benefit your work.

This class is available to download. What you need to do is click the Register Class link in this website and make the registration.