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Content of Unix/Linux Shell Programming forOracle DBA
« on: December 01, 2013, 11:13:26 PM »
Unix/Linux  Shell for Oracle DBA ,  A recorded Video course.

We all knew that Unix/Linux is widely used in many enterprises computer systems, and the skill demand for Unix/Linux is high in IT industry. Thanks for the powerful PC and advanced virtual server technology, it is now possible to bring Unix/Linux system on your home PC and you can pick up the highly marketable skill from there. Unix Shell command is the basic language to use a Unix/Linux system. With Unix Shell programming, complex user data analyze process or system administration process can be run easily as a scheduled job on a Unix/Linux system. Unix Shell programming plus Oracle SQL are the basic skills for Database Analyst, QA Engineer and DBA jobs...; Given below are the proposed topics to be covered in this course. After successful completion of this course one can acquire the basic skills to become an Oracle Database Analyst/DBA on a Unix/Linux platform.
Unix Shell and Oracle DBA:
Install Linux Operating system on your Windows Machine
Unix Foundmentals

    Basic Unix/Linux Command, file management, process management
    Foundmentals of Unis Shell Programming
    Reading from and Writing to Files
    Control Structures
    How to setup a automatically scheduled cron job

Unix and Oracle Database Skills

    How to run Oracle sqlplus on Unix
    Make the SQL Job Run Automatically
    Monitoring Unix disk space and System resource
    Many useful Uinx Scripts for Oracle DBA jobs
    Unix Shell and Oracle PL/SQL