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Content of Oracle 11g DBA course
« on: December 01, 2013, 06:49:40 PM »

Course Content
Oracle 11g DBA

This is a video course.
Student will get two class terms of total 80 hours class video.

Oracle 11g DBA

As you knew, not only Oracle DBA is one of the high demand jobs in IT industry,
but also Oracle database management knowledge and skills are widely preferred in many Database Analyst job roles. While the cost is very high in other DBA training classes and it is not
easy to get the real Oracle production DBA experience form the book, with my 15 years Oracle DBA
and DBA manager experience in many top level large and small companies supporting many
high transaction OLTP database and large size  Data Waerehouse, plus the very reasonable
cost, I am very sure you will enjoy taking this class, and enjoy the real DBA experience and
many workable SQL and Unix shell script which I do share with you in the class.

This course will help you prepare Oracle OCA 2 Exam IZ0-052. Listed below are the proposed topics
to be covered in this course. After successful completion of this course the student can acquire the required skills for Exam IZ0-052 and bw ready to work as an Oracle 11g Database Administrator. The downloadable package including Power Point lectures, class videos, 11g DBA eBooks, 11g OCA Exam Guide e-book) and many scripts which was used in the class Lab Work. After receive your payment,
a email will send to you with the download link.

Oracle 11g OCA 2 Exam IZ0-052 DBA Class Content (40hr) :
Oracle Database Overview
Installing Oracle 11g
Introduction to SQL
Oracle Database Structure
Access Oracle Database
Managing Oracle Database
Oracle Database Tablesapces
Managing User's Account
Managing Database Objects
Managing Data with SQL
Database Export
Database Import
Database Security
Database Auditing
Database Listener and Services
Shared Server
Performance Monitoring
Procedure and Index Status
Optimizer Statistics
Dynamic Views
Undo Data
Undo Monitor and Admin
Lock and Enqueue
Automatic Workload Repository
ADDM Report
ASH Report
Database Failure Types
Instance Recovery
Database Backup Overview
Online Database Backup
RMAN Overview and Configure
RMAN Backup
RMAN Complete Recovery
RMAN Incomplete Recovery
Introduction to PL/SQL
Oracle RAC introduction
Oracle RAC setup and install
Oracle RAC implementation examples