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Content of SQL Server 2012 DBA High Availability course
« on: December 01, 2013, 06:41:13 PM »
This class will use SQL 2012 as platform and will focus on new features of SQL 2012, although the first half of the lecture will review concept of SQL server DBA in general.

Week1 – SQL 2012 New features overview, SQL editions and licensing, Installation, Upgrade, and Migration Strategies. Main responsibility of SQL DBA – backup/restore, HA/DR, performance tuning, architecture design, new instance deployment.
Week2 – SQL Agent – setup and automate SQL Agent jobs, backup and restore databases. SSIS – Transfer data from different data source, linked server, querying remote data source. PerfMon, SQL Profiler.  Optional* SSAS – Business Intelligence.
Week3 – High-Availability and Disaster-Recovery.  Database Mirroring, Log Shipping
Week4 - Traditional Windows and SQL clustering. Installation and setup.
Case study - Monitor SQL instance balance in a stacked SQL cluster environment using PowerShell.
Week5 - SQL server AlwaysOn Availability Group – architecture, setup, configuration, listener, primary & secondary replica. Combine different HA technologies such as clustering and AlwaysOn. Demo of AG failover.
Week6 – SQL server AlwaysOn Availability Group continued - Backup and restore of AlwaysOn AG.

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