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Content of Java J2EE programming course
« on: December 01, 2013, 06:29:12 PM »
JAVA J2EE programming , JAVA Expert Teach Real Java J2EE Projects

J2EE Life-cycle Development:
1. Understand JSF2/Primefaces, Strut,  Spring and Hibernate Frameworks
2. Setup Eclipse development environment, config Tomcat server and deploy applications by Maven
3. Develop your own web-based application, run it in your own server with Linux/Ubuntu, and deploy it in Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud(EC2)
4. Build up your strength,  help you to pass interview, and support you start a work. You will enjoy your developer life.

Set up Development Environment

      Maven, Eclipse, Tomcat, MySql

JSF 2.0 / Primefaces3.5

     Struts, JSF 2, Primefaces

Spring 3.0

     MVC, Dynamic Injecting, Transaction

Hibernate 4.0

     Data Mapping, Data Persistent

Web Application Working Flow

     JSF/Primefaces, Spring, Hibernate, MySql

Advanced Skills:

Amozon Elastic Computing Cloud

     Open two amazon accounts, create an instance in EC2

PayPal Webservice

     WSDL and REST Webservice

J2EE interview and work experience Share the interview and work cases