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Content of Oracle 11g BIEE course
« on: December 01, 2013, 06:08:40 PM »
Pre-request:  Oracle 12c/11g SQL

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USA LaoTu 美国老土 数据分析师培训网 OBIEE Class Content:

week 1 (4 Hours):
Chapter-1: Download, install Oracle Virtual Machine which is a comprehensive set of illustrative examples and best practices for OBIEE, to quick demonstrates a broad range of OBIEE 11g capabilities and let all class student have an overall picture for OBIEE;

Chapter-2: OBIEE Architecture:
to go through the Architecture of OBIEE, the key components, the relationship between them;
Chapter-3: How to download and install our own class OBIEE system:
--install Repository Creation Utility (RCU);
--install Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition(OBIEE) 11g;
--install OBIEE Sample Data.

Week 2 (4 Hours):
Chapter-4: How to using BI Administration Tool to build, modify, enhance, and manage an Oracle BI repository(RPD):
- how to import metadata from a data source;
- how to simplify and reorganize the imported metadata into a business model;
- how to structure the business model for presentation;
- how to create calculated measures, hierarchies, aggregates, and time series measures;
Week 3 (4 Hours):
Chapter-5: how to build, format, and customize OBIEE analysis and create and update dashboards by utilizing these analysis:
- how to Create, edit and format an analysis;
- how to Create and work with graphs, pivot tables, performance tile and simple trellis;
- how to Create master-detail linking between two or more views;
- how to Create and work with several types of views;
- how to Create and edit a dashboard;
- how to Add, edit and format a new dashboard page;
- how to Create various types of dashboard prompts.

Week 4(4 Hours):
Chapter-6: OBIEE Security:
 --Security Architecture;
 --how to create, configure,manage Users, Groups, Application Roles;
 --how to manage Catalog Permission;
 --how to manage data level security;
 --how to use Enterpraise Manager, Console;

Chapter-7: BI Publisher:
- how to generate reports using BI Publisher;

Chapter-8: Mapviewer:
- how to configure Mapview,
- how to create a map report.
Week 5(4 Hours):
Chapter-9: OBIEE Project: go through a SDLC to cover below key skills in the real OBIEE world:
- how to do the fit-gap analysis;
- how to create a design document and review the Key contents in a OBIEE project design document;
- how to check log;
- how to use catalog manager to migrate the OBIEE project between different environments;
- how to merge RPD;
- how to do backup and recovery.

Pre-requisition: Oracle 11g/12c class
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