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Content of Oracle 11g SQL Course
« on: November 30, 2013, 11:17:33 PM »
The online live class of Oracle 11g SQL will open every couple of month.
After register, student will access most recent class video immediately,and come join same online class for FREE once it is open.

SQL language is the foundation for all the DATA or Database related computer jobs, like QA Tester/Engineer, Database Engineer, Database Analyst, Finance Analyst, Work Force Analyst, Business Analyst, Reporting Engineer, SAS Programmer and Database Administrator (DBA).
Oracle is the largest database vendor in the world. This class will teach you how to install Oracle 11g  database on your machine, how to use Oracle SQL to query and manipulate data and generate business report from Oracle database tables. Many real industry Data Sample, SQL scripts and Excel Report Sample will be passed to you in the class. Not only learn the general SQL statements, you will learn how to extract data from an Oracle Database Table to a flat data file or a Microsoft Excel Sheet, and you will also learn how to load data from large flat data file or Microsoft Excel sheet data into Oracle Database table by using Oracle 11g Sql*Loader (this process is part of the "ETL" job in Data Warehouse or "Interface" in Oracle e-Business Suite 11i/12i). Many real cool SQL skills like how to quickly clone whole or partial database table, how to generate multi-millions rows of sample data use PL/SQL, how to recover a dropped table and how to flashback a committed process will also introduce to you in the class. Finally, you will learn about sequence, index, view and how to connect to a Database located in remote Data Center. The concept of Data Warehouse is introduced in the class, and sample data of Data Warehouse is given to the students.  After you learn Oracle SQL concept, you can easily handle SQL on other database systems. Many sample business data tables will give to you in the class. So many students are happy that they found good job they like after took this class, and they all feel the class is very helpful, they wish they took it earlier.

Many Oracle e-books, OCA exams, Documents, SQL Scripts, SQL Report Samples, Projects, Class Videos, Resume Samples  will be given to you for free with this class.

You can target a Database Analyst job with SQL and excel skill.

Oracle Database 11g SQL Introduction
   Chapter 1    -    Oracle Overview, What is ERP, Relational Database, Database Constraints, Primary Key, Foreign Key
   Chapter 2    -    Download, Install Oracle into Server, Create User and Open Account.
   Chapter 3    -    Simple SQL Query, Oracle sqlplus
   Chapter 4    -    SQL SELECT with WHERE Clause,  Extract data from database table to Excel sheet
   Chapter 5    -    Restricting and Sorting Data
   Chapter 6    -    Single Row Function, Generate Report with Oracle SQL Plus
   Chapter 7    -    How to Load Data from Excel Sheet into Oracle Database with Oracle SQL*Loader, Project Exampel and Update your resume
   Chapter 8    -    Aggregating Data Using Group Functions, How to find the duplicated rows
   Chapter 9    -    Query Data From Multiple Tables, Inner and Outer Joins
   Chapter 10 -    How to Write a Subquery, How to do Deduping
   Chapter 11 -    Advanced Queries, Set Operators, Decode, Case, Rollup, Cube, Introduction to PL/SQL, generate large amount of Data
   Chapter 12 -    Change Table Data, Insert, Update, Delete; Introduction to Data Warehouse Concept and Star Schema
   Chapter 13 -    Creating Table, Alter Tables, Change Table Columns, Adding Constraints
   Chapter 14 -    Sequences, Indexes, Views
   Chapter 15 -    Table Normalization and Logical Design
   Chapter 16 -    How to connect to database in remote data center, and how to backup your data